3-time “Kitty” Judy Greer says she’d love “to meet a real Kitty to see if I’m doing it right.”

In Prime Video’s new movie Uncle Frank—out next week—Judy Greer is once again cast as a character named Kitty. It’s the third time she’s been cast as the female equivalent of a little cat, and Greer says she’s not sure why. “I don’t even know any Kitties,” she says in the clip above, saying that she “kind of want[s] to meet a real Kitty to see if I’m doing it right.” Greer says she feels like her take on a Kitty is always “flighty and a little bit weird, a little bit off,” so she’d love to check that against a real deal Kitty.

We also asked Greer what she’d want to ask living Hollywood legend Lois Smith, who she’s paired with in the video above and who has been working so long that she was in East Of Eden, for crying out loud. Greer went with a question she hates answering: “Do you have a favorite job that you’ve ever done.” Smith took a demure and democratic stance for her answer, saying the right answer is always “the one I’m doing now,” before admitting that she doesn’t think “that would be my answer.”

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