6 cliffhangers non résolus de la télévision qui nous hantent toujours

Just because I can’t tell you what happened in the season-one finale of John From Cincinnati doesn’t mean I didn’t want to see where it was going. David Milch’s notoriously impenetrable surfing drama was canceled by HBO the day after it aired its final episode, an unceremonious end for a show that may or may not have contributed to the premature end of Milch’s Deadwood. And while JFC is no Deadwood—what is?—I grew to love the way Milch’s lyrical soliloquies flowed from the mouths of his seaside eccentrics and deadbeats. But, while the cast always intrigued me more than the story’s miraculous healings and prophetic visions, I still find myself returning to that first season’s parting shot. John, the mysterious, Christ-like figure at the center of the narrative, intones, “Mother of God, Cass-Kai,” as Kai, a relatively minor character played by Keala Kennelly, surfs across the screen. I’ve turned it over again and again in my head over the years, weighing it against the show’s Christian allusions and explorations of community and miracles, but every time I come up empty. Milch got a chance to wrap up Deadwood with a movie, maybe he can do the same with JFC? I’m not holding my breath. [Randall Colburn]

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