Billy Corgan is teasing the Smashing Pumpkins’ new album with a 5-part animated series

So, the Smashing Pumpkins have announced a new record. Like its first single, the 20-track double album is called CYR, it features founding members Jimmy Chamberlin and James Iha, and it comes out on November 27. Having said that, we can now tell you that it comes with a five-part animated series called In Ashes that was created and written by Billy “William Patrick” Corgan, a man who may or may not have had sex with a shapeshifter.

What does a five-part animated series from a guy who pals around with Alex Jones and regularly laments the “Maoist” “hashtag generation” look like? Have a look for yourself with the below trailer. Set against new music from CYR, the minute-long clip looks to explore a futuristic society that loses power and a group of horny friends who take mind-altering drugs and drive around in magic cars.

The first two episodes—“As The Crow Flies” and “Inspirations, Aspirations”—are due out on September 25, presumably via the band’s YouTube page. In the meantime, you can pre-order CYR here.

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