Enjoy this PS5 Simulator since you probably can’t get a PS5

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The PlayStation 5 came out last week, but in a limited enough supply that it’s pretty hard to actually buy one right now. Fortunately for anyone who doesn’t feel like scouring eBay for overpriced scalper listings, the perfect replacement has arrived in the form of PS5 Simulator, a free PC game from Alex Grade that allows players to imagine what it might be like to own Sony’s new console.

As a clip from the game shows, PS5 Simulator models the experience of doing everything with a new video game console that doesn’t involve actually playing stuff on it. The doorbell rings with a delivery and the protagonist says, with robot-voice excitement, “Finally my new PS5 has come. Kids at grandma so I can play all night.” After retrieving a shipping box from the infinite void just outside the house’s front door, the player is tasked with setting the console up. The process involves a lot of knife throwing, running power cords all over the place, and, as a reward for accomplishing the goal of setting up the machine, being able to whip its fancy new controller at whatever you please.

Grade calls it the “ultimate PS5 experience” and we have to agree. Sure, PS5 Simulator may not actually, like, play PS5 games, but it does have the advantage of being freely available in unlimited quantities. And, as a bonus, it’s currently the only way to enjoy a PS5 that doesn’t require your TV stand to look like it has a matte white space barnacle stuck to it.

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