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The Child a.k.a. Baby Yoda a.k.a. Yodito
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The Child—known as “Baby Yoda” to his adoring fans—appears late in the Mandalorian series premiere. But he provides Mando with his initial mission (as well as his second, more righteous one), and season one with its main arc: Protect this adorable little guy at all costs. (The show uses various pronouns for The Child, and we have seen a female of Yoda’s species in Yaddie, but just as “Baby Yoda” is a thing, he/him pronouns are the ones most frequently used.) The Child is far from helpless, of course; he wields the Force on several occasions, from stopping a mudhorn in its tracks to healing Greef Karga’s near-fatal wounds. He does so instinctively, as when he force-chokes Cara Dune because he sees her arm-wrestling with Mando.

At only 50 years old, the Child still has a lot to learn, but he quickly establishes a bond with Mando, who tries to leave him in the care of others for his own good. But the pair sticks together from Sorgan to Tattooine—where the Child makes an impression on Peli—back to Nevarro, where Moff Gideon ambushes the group, which now includes Cara, Greef, Kuill, and the reprogrammed IG-11. Kuill is killed protecting the Child, while IG-11 sacrifices himself to help the group escape a swarm of troopers at the lava flats. By the end of season one, the Child is now a Foundling, which means he’s both under Mando’s protection and his tutelage. Here’s hoping season two features more jet pack-boosted adventures and an adorable training montage or two. [Danette Chavez]

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