Happy holidays from The A.V. Club

The Santa 2020 deserves.

The Santa 2020 deserves.
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Hey, we made it. It’s nearly Christmas which means it’s nearly the end of The Bad Year™. Sure, 2021 is going to suck, too, at least for a while. But the good news is that you’ll have plenty to watch, read, listen to, and obsess over as the yule log crackles in the fireplace (or on your TV).

Looking for a guide? We’ve got copious lists of our favorite TV shows, movies, albums, books, and video games. Surely there’s a title or 10 in there you’ve yet to consume. You know, like First Cow. It’s time to stop putting off First Cow. We’ve also got lists of our favorite trailers, movie scenes, and TV episodes, each adorned with a digital sprig of holly. And, yeah, they won’t be quite the same on the small screen, but Wonder Woman 1984 and Soul will also premiere on HBO Max and Disney+, respectively, this week.

That should give you plenty to peruse as we power down for the next few days. We’ve still got plenty of fun content running, including the best and worst stuff we saw online this year, but the Newswire desk will be off duty until Monday, December 28. So, as another year comes to a close, we offer many thanks for your continued patronage, your spirited discourse, and, of course, your passion for pop culture in all of its many manifestations.

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