Jon Daly has turned 2017’s The Snowman into a “Monster Mash” for a new generation

The Snowman, a 2017 thriller starring Michael Fassbender as a detective named Harry Hole, is remembered now mostly for its hilarious marketing campaign and terrible reviews. Jon Daly, though, knows the film on a deeper level than any of us who just giggled at the idea of a serial killer who draws frowny snowmen all over the place and moved on with our lives. He seems, in fact, to have actually watched the thing. And now he’s used that forbidden knowledge to honor The Snowman’s memory with an updated version of the “Monster Mash.”

Daly’s “Mash,” soon to be a new Halloween classic, was created in collaboration with Cyrus Ghahremani. It tells the the story of “a murder-man from Norway” who taunts the police with his diabolical plan to kill people and stick their heads on snowmen (“That’s the extent of his evil plan,” Daly sings atop a backing chorus). The music video, made by Callum Hanlon and Alex Braddock, adds a lot to the track’s effect. Daly stands inside a snowman costume, face covered in festive corpse paint, and croons lyrics about the killer’s No Country For Old Men-style weapon, the movie’s oh-so-spooky snowman-making murder scenes, and, of course, a chorus that repeats its horrifying “Mr. Police, I gave you all the clues” message.

If we’re going to start thinking about The Snowman again in 2020, this is really the best way possible. Before long, we imagine, the old version of the “Monster Mash” will fade into obscurity, replaced by a more cohesive update that understands there’s nothing more frightening than a serial killer who loves playing in the snow. Let’s just hope Daly didn’t have to get too deep inside the twisted mind of The Snowman’s killer to create this song, even though we’re already seeing worrying signs that it may be too late ….

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