June Squibb loves a good dirty joke as much as anyone

The first time we meet June Squibb’s Hubie Halloween character, Mrs. Dubois, she’s sporting an oversized T-shirt with a boner joke on it. Whether she actually gets the boner joke is another story, and the misunderstanding leads to a speech later in the film that’s chock-full of perfectly placed double entendres.

In fact, Squibb’s character sports off-color T-shirt after off-color T-shirt in the film, a wardrobe move that’s just perfection given Squibb’s role as one of America’s most beloved geriatric sweethearts. But did the nonagenarian pick up what her dirty shirts were putting down, kayak references and all? The A.V. Club asked her in the clip above, and the answer lies within. We also talked about her favorite Halloween memories and about her willingness to continue working with the Happy Madison family.

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