Man turns hovercraft into bar, it goes terribly

Liquor laws, both stateside and across the pond, can be notoriously obtuse. Take, for instance, the Mississippi college town this author once lived in, which for the longest time only allowed you to buy unrefrigerated beer in an effort to discourage drinking.

Anywho, as English YouTuber Tom Scott explains in a recent video for his “Things You Might Not Know” series, Britain has some equally odd laws when it comes to serving booze in transit between locations. Take, for instance, this little loophole in a 2003 Licensing Act that implies one doesn’t need any kind of liquor permit to sell alcohol, so long as you’re traveling aboard a hovercraft.

As Scott so adeptly demonstrates, just because you can serve a gin and tonic aboard a speeding hovercraft, doesn’t mean one should do such a thing. Still, installing a working ale pump and a fully stocked bar on a levitating transport looks like a pretty fun time, regardless of the quality of drinks involved. If anything, it’s definitely the kind of idea that would be concocted after a couple pints at a more standard pub location.

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