The A.V. Club Twitch channel is getting its Cyberpunk 2077 on today

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You know how it is: Some days, you wake up and you just really want to punk some cybers. (Or cyber some punks? Who can say.) In any case, we’ve finally got our hands—after years of hype, delays, and controversy—on CD Projekt Red’s latest, massive action-RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, so we figured: Hey, why not check in on what V’s doing, and spend some time on the streets of Night City?

We’ll be going live with the game on Twitch today at 2 p.m. Central, running through the opening hour or so of the game’s first act—i.e., after clearing the introduction, and the first mission in the Scavenger base. At this point, our version of the game’s player character, V, is just getting used to his life outside the tension/safety of his former corporate world, hacking, shooting, and crafting his way across the game’s massive city (and, uh massive amounts of visual glitches and bugs).

One content note for today’s stream: While we will not be showing off the infamous Penis 1 or Penis 2, Cyberpunk definitely goes out of its way to earn its Mature rating with healthy and early doses of profanity, nudity, and violence, so this stream might not be especially safe for work. Also, the game is still pretty glitch prone, so there might be some unavoidable crashes along the way; such is the cost of our glorious digital future.

You can check out (and follow!) The A.V. Club’s Twitch channel here.

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