The Midnight Sky’s Felicity Jones and David Oyelowo on pregnancy in space

When Felicity Jones told The Midnight Sky director George Clooney that she was pregnant, Clooney had a decision to make: Should they hide Jones behind desks and stay true to the film’s source material, or should they turn Jones’ spacey pregnancy into a plot point in the film? Clooney smartly chose the latter, reasoning that after two years in space, it’s only logical that two astronauts would have gotten busy.

In the video above, The A.V. Club talks to Jones and David Oyelowo, who play those two astronauts, about space-bound pregnancy, how they’ve dealt with isolation this year, and whether or not they have any inclination toward space exploration themselves.

The Midnight Sky is in theaters and at drive-ins now, and will make its Netflix premiere on December 23.

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