The Midnight Sky’s Kyle Chandler and Tiffany Boone are good right here on Earth, thanks

What would it take to get Kyle Chandler into space? As it turns out, quite a lot. The Friday Night Lights dad said that, despite his role as an astronaut in The Midnight Sky, he’s not really interested in leaving Earth. As he tells The A.V. Club in the video above, he’s “trying to keep [his ]feet on the ground now,” saying “Terra Firma for me.”

Demián Bichir, on the other hand, saying he’d love to be a pioneer, just like “in the early days when airplanes were here.” That plus an enviable report from Tiffany Boone, who’s filming in Australia where COVID-19 is mostly eradicated, in the video above.

The Midnight Sky is in theaters now, but will be on Netflix for streaming come December 23.

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