Trump’s just sharing satire articles like they’re real now

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On Friday, just hours after he was grilled for retweeting conspiracy theories from QAnon nuts—“I’ll put it out there, people can decide for themselves,” claims the president— Donald Trump appears to have earnestly shared an obviously satirical article from The Babylon Bee, a Christian Onion knockoff that deifies dorks like Ben Shapiro. The timing of it all might be purposeful, a troll to trigger the libs, but it’s notable nonetheless, a fresh and untapped well of fake news to rain upon his thirsty mob. (For his part, Babylon Bee’s editor-in-chief says he’s “assured” that Trump knows it’s satire.)

And a screenshot in case he deletes it, which he won’t:

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Screenshot: Twitter

Anyways, the Bee’s woefully unfunny piece is a riff on both Twitter’s network issues on Thursday and its banning of a New York Post story from earlier this week about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, due to questions about “the origins of the materials.” A dumb move on Twitter’s part, obviously, a gift to the party that loves to cry “censorship!,” but the Bee skirts any substantive satire in favor of jokes about Twitter employees being too frail to smash servers with a hammer, what with them being total Poindexters. Primo stuff, guys.

Anyways, it doesn’t matter if Trump knows if it’s fake or not, because his base regularly reads shit about satanic cabals that boil kids in pots in the basements of pizza joints and love fantastical narratives that let them ignore the 218,000 people currently dead from a pandemic that’s not going away.

Somebody send him some Hard Times articles. At least those are funny.

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