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Are there any good stories about Stephan Jenkins?

It seems that whenever a fellow musician speaks of the Third Eye Blind singer, it’s about what a dick he is. In summer of 2019, Jimmy Eat World’s drummer, Zach Lind, alluded to how creepy the 3EB frontman was on tour, and of course, there’s our epic Hatesong interview with indie stalwart John Vanderslice, who has some very specific—and personal—reasons for despising the band’s 1997 mega-hit “Semi-Charmed Life.”

Max Collins of Eve 6 is the latest musician to jump(er) onto the Stephan Jenkins dogpile, tweeting what might be the most colorful story yet about Jenkins’ assholery:

At first, it sounds like the two alt-rock/half-rapping bards may have just been engaged in an innocent prank war. But Collins quickly clears up any ambiguity about his feelings toward Jenkins…

…while also admitting to being fascinated by him:

So, he’s still a fan. Get it?

Collins has words for plenty of other ‘90s titans, too, usually of the kinder variety. He describes Jakob Dylan of The Wallflowers as “super nice”, reveals that Everclear’s Art Alexakis is one of his best friends, and shares a sweet story about Chris Barron from Spin Doctors consoling him over breakfast after a breakup. There are cat photos.

And that’s to say nothing about pissing next to Fred Durst, crashing a festival set by Staind with his drunken antics, and musing on the gastrointestinal habits of Steve Harwell from Smash Mouth. At one point, Collins realizes he’s “writing the memoir of alternative rock mediocrity” in real time.

Most entertaining of all, he almost never refers to anyone or anything by their proper name. It’s always “Third Eye Blind guy,” “Sugar Ray guy,” or “singer with the tribal tats.” He even exclusively refers to his own hit as “Heart In A Blender song” rather than “Inside Out.”

Eve 6’s entire Twitter account is quickly becoming a trove of internet comedy, and you can check it out here.

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