Wentworth Miller is “officially” done with Prison Break (and playing straight characters)

Actor Wentworth Miller is thoroughly done with three things: Prison Break, portraying straight men for pay, and your bullshit (if you’re an internet troll or a person with online boundary issues, that is).

On Monday, Miller took to his very aesthetically-pleasing Instagram account to leave a message for his followers, many of which are presumably Prison Break fans and don’t hesitate to tell him as much. “I see the positive comments and DMs (a lot of them anyway). Affectionate. Supportive. Appreciated (by me),” he assured. But honeyed compliments won’t be enough to get him back behind bars as brooding favorite Michael Scofield: Without mincing words, Miller said, “I’m out. Of PB. Officially.”

Miller likely meant to quell any residual curiosity regarding the previously discussed Prison Break reboot, which was in development—and then subsequently scrapped—in 2019. Per Deadline, Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn mentioned a possibility for future installments of Prison Break back in January. However, EW was able to confirm that Fox has no current plans to further develop the show.

But Miller’s selective retirement doesn’t just stop with Prison Break. The actor, who is openly gay, also says that he is done playing straight roles because, to put it simply and accurately, “Their stories have been told (and told).” He, of course, recognized that this development might be disappointing for some. He was less gentle (but still kind!) to those who can’t seem to let go of the past. “If you were a fan of the show, hoping for additional seasons… I understand this is disappointing. I’m sorry,” Miller wrote. “If you’re hot and bothered [because] you fell in love with a fictional straight man played by a real gay one…That’s your work.”

His former costars were quick to show their support of Miller’s decision. Sarah Wayne Callies, who played Michael’s love interest Sara Tancredi, expressed both her “deep love” for her onscreen counterpart as well as support for the LGBTQ+ community, in general: “To all the fans, know this: the cast of prison break is a queer-friendly space. we stand with — and among — our friends & family in the LGBTQ+ community with full throated support for their rights and artistic work. all the time. always.” Dominic Purcell—a.k.a. “Lincoln”—also assured Miller, “glad you have made this decision for your health and your truth.”

And for anyone planning on bringing strife to Miller’s account for any reason, he’s not having it: “I’m not concerned for myself. I can’t be “bullied” in this space. I have too much power. “Delete. Block. Deactivate.” Etc. But I take seriously the possibility of queer kids visiting here, recently out of the closet or exploring the idea… I don’t want them exposed to bullshit.”

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